Shiny metal melts in the sun. Soft lines wrap around the surface. Art object Impossibility - these are plastic forms oflines in the desertPhysical DescriptionThe art object is made of stainless steel pipes. Vertical composition of lines facing the sky. height - 12 feet. Cold metalin a hot desert. Glare plays on the surfacePhysical Dimensionsheight - 12 feet. Area of art object - 1000 sq.feetInteractivityA unique opportunity to walk through an art object. Black rock residents can become part of artMissionIn the heat you can walk through cold metal, peaks raised to the sky. Catch your reflection in the hard lines. Pause for asecond and look at your reflection. Be part of art. Think that the desert is ready to melt you too.What is the philosophy of your piece?Incompatibility is compatible. Facing upward, the lines look at you. There are no more boundaries of reality. There areno laws of physics. Impressionism will swallow you up and you are ready to believe in the incredible.
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